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What a season...

Well here we are having just returned home from the UKA Grand Finals, it doesn't seem like 5 minutes since we were there for the last one last year.

So proud of Mia qualifying two consecutive years and this year we had a health scare so we nearly didn't go at all. Thankfully she has been given the all clear. One thing it did make me do was appreciate that our dog's dont have a limitless number of runs and every run now is a bonus!

With our last outdoor show in Obedience last week, and agility a few weeks ago, this marks the end of the competition season for us now as we wind down for winter.

Tuckshop wise, we have a few indoor shows we are attending: Digit, Wilmslow, and Phase Purple Accrington in November and December.

Whilst we are at the end of the show season we are now at the height of our Festive season...with Halloween and Christmas so watch this space for these lines going live in addition to our fabulous advent calendar.

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