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It's been a while...

Such a lot has happened in the past few months..

Being busy on the road with the Tuckshop at Agility and obedience Shows (for which we are so greatful to be invited and supported), is great fun but does take its toll.

Late last year we welcomed two new family members, Connie and Mouse which added to the chaos and fun.... but this was compounded when Connie then broke her leg in November.

I have never appreciated the value in enrichment and chews as I have done these past three months. Havong a young working border collie crated 22 hoursgive or take, in the early days was no fun....the gin helped too.

Our biggest helps are



Olive woods.

They last ages and the lickimats just made her meals a little more interesting being crated.

Thankfully, after a very long and emotionally draining 10 weeks of recovery, things look like they're on the up. I must admit the nights getting lighter helps too...and we have already started planning shows for the season ahead.

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