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Tailored Treat Boxes

I see the phrase "tailored for your pet" aliot in conjunction with foods and treats. It gets me so mad because I know that these brands do not tailor anything. They mass produce and stick a label on with your dog's name on it.

As a dog owner who cares about what i feed my dogs, this is very frustrating but also very misleading.

That's why we can 100% guarantee that our Tailored Treat Boxes are 100% tailored for your dog. You specify your dog's likes and dislikes, whether your box is for one dog or five, large chews or small chews.....its all down to you.

For the month of August, we are offering all dogs a FREE pack of Forthglade Naturals Treats.

Order now.

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Aug 05, 2021

I have 5 very happy dogs when their monthly box of treats is delivered. They love all the different sorts and unlike buying a single branded bag of treats, and there's only 4 things inside, I know that there is 5 of everything in the selection box!

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