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Meet Chilli 🌶

Sometimes things are just meant to be...

After losing Luna this year I felt as though I'd lost my shadow... even though my other woofs were here, they weren't her.

I went through every emotion possible and every irrational thought process, even looking at rescue Rommy Dogs who looked like her....but ultimately, I knew, they wouldn't be her. She was gone...and it broke my heart.

I didn't want another dog..After losing Lu, the dynamics between the girls were all over the place. Nessie still needs alot of training thanks to lockdown limiting her life experiences. I definitely didn't want another collie...

Then a friend mentioned that she had a little girl in a litter who would be perfect for me...a cavapoochon. Well I just laughed. Me..and a cavapoochon, a small dog was laughable. I was a collie girl.

However, the idea grew on me and I decided to go and meet her. I've always had collies, and despite training hundreds of smaller dogs...I've never owned one, and my gosh when I went to see them....I've never seen puppies so small.

Well the momemt I saw her, our fate was sealed and two weeks later I picked her up and here she is..

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