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Licki Mats - Saving the Day

Updated: Nov 26, 2021

Every bonfire Night I always have a stash of chews and stuffed Kongs at the ready.

This year was no exception. I had prepared Licki Mat Playdates with low fat natural yoghurt and a few sprats and Sprinkles etc on the top and frozen them...

Just as it was going dark, the bigger woofs had theirs just in time for the fireworks.

Licking is just one of the ways that dogs can help lower their own stress levels. Giving them something tasty to lick can facilitate that. No different to me having a lollipop as a child....or even last week lol.

It also helps keep them busy so they didn't take much notice of what was going on outside.

As the adults were licking away, Chilli 🌶 was fast asleep and just as I was sitting down to eat my tea.....she woke up.

Not only did she wake up, but she was super out came her lickimat and off she went..

By the rime she'd finished, 20 minutes later, I had eaten, her shark teeth had been occupied and she was much more chilled....

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