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Bedtime Treat?

Do your dogs get a bedtime treat?

Mine do...

I'm not a massive fan of consistent routines as with some dogs it can create anticipation, high arousal and in some cases...frustration.

One part of the day which is always the same for my dogs though is bedtime. They go out for wees and then get a bedtime treat in their beds.

The anticipation of the bedtime treat in their beds means that when I've finished locking up, the woofs are all in their beds waiting.

This now includes Chilli 🌶 Pup who gets gers in her crate. I don't need a cue for this, the context has become a cue and she now goes in off her own accord and waits for me nice and relaxed.

This part of the routine is so easy to replicate. It happens if we are at home, at nanny moos, in the caravan even in hotels. It helps them settle at night calmly no matter where we are.

The bedtime chew is only something small, so anything from the deli range. Tonight it's Apple wrapped chicken..Yum

Check out Mia's New Daily Deli Mix. Brought in after so many woofs did exactly as described above asking for a treat after receiving one a day during advent. I use it to promote calmness at bedtime and enhance crate will you use it?

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