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About Mia's Dog Shop

Mia's Dog Shop has been successfully supplying canine owners with tasty, healthy treats and chews, as well enrichment activities and toys, over the past fifteen years!

As dog owners, first and foremost, we know how important our own dog's health and wellbeing is to us.

As dog trainers and behaviourists we are all too aware of the multiple links between a dog's diet and their behaviour. For many years, we have taught dog owners to be aware of the food and treats that they are feeding their dogs. We are strong advocates of dogs having good quality edible chews as part of their diet as chewing has many behavioural health benefits. Additionally, being dog trainers, we see first hand the almost punitive effects of commercially produced low quality training treats upon disinterested dogs and frustrated owners. 

As trainers, around sixteen years ago we noticed that despite advocating for healthy chews and quality treats for dogs, not many were readily available in the larger retail stores and so we were requested by our members to provide them with an opportunity to purchase such treats for their dogs. As demand grew, we began the in club "Tuckshop" named after Mia, my pup at the time. As demand grew, we went online in 2017 and have grown from our "little Tuckshop" to our massive online community and more recently our own Store. 


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