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Mia, Nessie and I are off on another adventure this weekend.

We have not long set up the caravan, and the woofs have eaten tea, and are now sluggled up asleep in the caravan.

A lot of people associate border collies as high energy...and yes they are. But that energy needs to be channelled. Its not appropriate for a dog to be on the go 24/7. I fact, this can cause lots of problems and contribute to many others including reactivity.

Dog's need rest (approximately 18 hours). This helps lower arousal, allow them to process experiences they've had and things they've learned, but also time to heal and recover. Just like humans..

Teaching a dog to relax and settle in different environments is a really important skill.

I start this off with my young puppies chewing something. I find if they're doing something calming such as chewing, arousal levels drop and sleep can follow. Chewing is also incompatible for active or even hyperactive behaviours.

Mia and Nessie enjoyed a Trachea each tonight after setting up, that then signals that we're being calm. Now both are fast asleep.

I've brought a whole bag of goodies from the Tuckshop away with us.

Nessie all Snuggled Up

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