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Preparing for Fireworks

The nights are getting darker and whilst this means there are less things we can do that require daylight, I must admit I love cozy winter nights with the woofs.

However, one of the things I never look forward to is that we are getting closer to that time of year where Fireworks 🎆 are let off.

None of my dogs have ever bothered. I have always gone out of my way to ensure this. However, a couple of years ago, Mia was competing at an indoor agility show and the weather turned suddenly.

It thundered, and we had extreme hail....all on a tin roof. The noise was immense. Mia made it to the van shaking. Since then certain noises have always triggered this stress response.

She is doing much better and luckily it has never influenced Nessie.

You can begin to prepare your dog for fireworks at anytime such is our wonderful technology.

Dogs who have suffered from a stress response like Mia, take longer to overcome this than a puppy for whom this is their first year, and it is never to early to begin the acclimatisation process.

One of the biggest issues with fireworks is that they occur out of nowhere as far as the dogs are concerned. So for the past 12 months, with my Alexa placed on a high shelf, whilst Mia has been eating, chewing or doing anything that makes her feel relaxed and calm, I have been playing the sound of fireworks.

Just like the real thing, the sound comes from above, and I make sure it is completely random.

By pairing the sudden noise, at a low level, with something good, we began the process of gradually changing Mia's perspective on the bangs.

I use lickimats, kongs, scatter feeding and long lasting chews. This way the activity is not over too soon, nor is it predicted by set meal times..

Over the months we have gradually increased the volume and I carefully watch her for signs of stress.

I've done this with Nessie from day one, and she has absolutely no cares at all when fireworks go off. Nessie really enjoys playing tug, so we will do this too.

Now, the fireworks fireworks little more than background noise, but we arw keeping it up so we when the real things occur, they should be no different and I am hoping Mia will be as relaxed as she used to be.

There are many dogs who find fireworks terrifying and just like with Mia they may have been fine until one day they weren't. In many dog's cases, they may be a rescue dog in a new home and they may have never been desensitised to such noises or they have experienced trauma and are triggered by loud noises.

In addition to the above training Dorwest Herbs' Valerian Compound and Skullcap and Valerian Tablets can help further.

We've brought out a little calming

bundle containing Lickimat, Sprinkles, Doggy Peanut Butter, and chews to get you and your pup started. There is also the option of adding the Dorwest Herbs' bundle too..

Until 20th October we are also giving away a FREE pack of Mia's calming treats whilst stocks last.


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